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I.L. Creations

Our Services & Clients

Our Services & Clients

I.L. Creations offers total food service solutions for business and industry clients ranging from federal and regional government agencies, universities and school districts, to medium and large office complexes. We routinely provide a complete food service operation from start to finish. Our services begin with kitchen and servery planning, design, interior renovations, and grand opening, and include ingredient purchasing, meal preparation, vending, catering, and services for private dining rooms. We have the experience to operate large multi-unit food concessions accounts and small coffee shops.

I.L. Creations has built an excellent reputation upon a food concept that is unique among its competitors. Our menu, price structure, and service model create a food service operation unmatched by other providers. We guarantee a smooth transition without any major disruption of service. Under all circumstances we guarantee an opening date and have been successful on all occasions.




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