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I.L. Creations

Our Services & Clients

Our Clients

Federal & Regional Government

Our primary market is based in the federal and regional government. Our clients include multiple federal buildings with the GSA and regional government organizations such as Fairfax County Government. These locations regularly serve a diverse range of customers, including both government employees and international visitors. We are proud that many of our menu items fit many of the government standards for nutrition and sustainability.

Private Sector

I.L. Creations is a great solution to appease the diverse desires of an entire office building. Despite the incredible array of taste preferences, cultural demands, dietary needs, and price sensitivities among customers, our expansive buffets and specialty stations will make any customer happy.

Colleges & Universities

I.L. Creations' values, offerings and service make us a good fit for the academic community. We believe it is important to provide students and faculty with quality, nutritious, sustainable food choices that promote our company's values as well as maximize academic learning and performance.

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