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I.L. Creations

Our Health & Wellness

I.L. Creations makes it easy for guests to make the right choice. Our printed labels clearly explain the ingredients, method of preparation, health benefits, and nutrition information, including calories, fat, carbohydrates, protein and sodium content. We know each person's individual nutrition needs are unique so we provide our guests with control over their own portion sizes at the hot and cold buffet bars with the freedom to purchase as much or as little as they desire from our vast selections. Guests may also combine buffet items to their liking and choose a combination of foods that meet their individual nutrient needs. With the knowledge, enthusiasm, and expertise of our registered dietitian and corporate chefs, we have developed innovative menus and science-based marketing tools to bring our patrons unrivaled access and information based on USDA and AMA recommended nutrition plans.

Beyond nutrition and wellness information, I.L. Creations is committed to providing options for all diets and nutrition needs. While most food service operators do not provide healthy or vegetarian options to their customers, we seamlessly integrate a wide variety of these options at each station: the hot and cold buffet, the action stations, the grab & go selections, and even the beverage offerings.

The healthfulness of our cuisine begins with menu planning and recipe analysis. Through the collaboration of our corporate chefs and registered dietitian, our menus and recipes maximize the use of fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and minimize the use of excess fat. Menu planning focuses on flavorful, healthfully prepared items to overcome the stereotype that healthy food has to be bland and unappetizing. We purchase low-fat or non-fat salad dressings, dairy products, cereals, and sides and use lean cuts of meat whenever possible. Additionally, our culinary program teaches our chefs the importance of minimizing the fats and oils in all preparations by promoting techniques such as grilling, roasting, poaching, baking, stewing, and steaming. Further, the training teaches our cooks the proper temperatures to cook foods to maximize nutrient retention and ways to combine recipes each meal to provide optimal nutritious choices.

For locations with Dunkin Donuts and Subway Shops, below are the links to the nutrition information.
Dunkin Donuts Nutrition Information
Subway Nutrition Information

Nutrition information for our stations (i.e. deli, grill, pizza, etc.) can be found Here

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