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I.L. Creations

Our Sustainability Program

I.L. Creations develops our sustainability plans by evaluating the effects of food service companies on our ecosystem. Our goal is to maintain and improve the quality of life in our community while living within the capacity of our shared environmental resources.

I.L. Creations sets out to be the industry leader in defining sustainability measures by implementing an environmental management system (EMS) to establish, monitor and track our sustainability efforts. Our EMS system addresses the following areas in which we can minimize the production of waste materials and conserve non-renewable resources.

Environmental Purchasing

At I.L. Creations, we know that our social responsibility begins with the purchasing of our food and products. Our local procurement initiatives include replacing all paper products with biodegradable alternatives, recycling our waste oil into biodiesel, promoting local vendors and farmers, using green chemicals, lowering our energy/water use, choosing vendors that have favorable sustainability commitments, and purchasing meat and poultry which is purchased from farmers and companies that follow the responsible use of antibiotics.

Non-renewable Resource Conservation and Waste Management

By instituting company wide policies for energy, resource and water conservation, we have limited our use of non-renewable natural resources to make renewable resources our priority. These policies include equipment use schedules, low-flow water equipment, recycling policies for waste solids and fluids, and green purchasing guidelines.

Corporate Responsibility

We believe that businesses have the ability and responsibility to make beneficial social changes mainstream. Implementing these changes provides a way for the public to become aware of environmentally-friendly products and encourage the use of sustainable product lines to promote and support the green business industry.

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